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whoever made this meme is A FAKE FAN

fairy godmother was singing her iconic cover of “i need a hero” during this scene, “livin’ la vida loca” wasn’t performed by puss in boots and donkey until the end of the movie

literally check yourself before you wreck yourself

shrek yourself before you wreck yourself

A. The song title you are looking for is “Holding Out for a Hero” which is a song by Bonnie Tyler, but performed in this film by the incomparable Jennifer Saunders (of AbFab fame).

B. Mongo had a featured line during “Livin’ la Vida Loca”, which he sang from his final resting place in the moat, meaning that it is completely fair to assume that someone would associate the song with his dying moments.

So who is the real fake Shrek fan?

things heating up in the Shrek fandom.

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