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May 23 2017




So Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, and Adam Driver showed up at the Belfast airport in Ireland. I think my favorite thing about it is Daisy and Adam’s efforts to hide their faces through jackets and sunglasses

And then Mark’s just like HEYYYYY!

freshman year vs senior year

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May 22 2017

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This is one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever read like what an absolute goon and a half

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No, you did not just read about a racist protest that took place in the 1950s. THIS HAPPENED RIGHT HERE IN 2017……   Dozens of white supremacists gathered around with literal fucking torches while chanting nazi ideologies as an intimidation tactic… you wanna know the scariest part? they’re not wearing hoods or any other form of “protection”, which means they don’t even care about being exposed anymore…. I’m telling ya’ll white supremacy is one of the biggest threats to america. we cannot allow history to repeat itself by allowing this terrorism to continue 

oh yeah, and one more thing. no one was arrested during this so called “protest”. sure, the police showed up….. but all they did was tell them to leave. no tear gas was thrown, no beatings, no rubber bullets, no national guard, no charges brought up…….. just a good ole peaceful disperse of a racist ass crowd.. 

but god forbid BLM protests against police brutality while holding nothing but  signs

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Nicki Minaj may start a charity to pay off her fans’ student loans

  • Nicki Minaj now officially has beef with student loans.
  • After offering to pay some of her Twitter followers’ tuition bills, Minaj posted to Instagram receipts of what she paid and signaled to others that their days of student loan tyranny may soon be over, as well.
  • “This makes me so happy,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’ll do another impromptu payment spree in a month or two but please know that I’m launching my official charity for student loans/tuition payments very soon! You’ll be able to officially sign up! I’ll keep you posted.” Read more. (5/13/17, 11:40 AM)
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windows 8 can suck my dick

I can’t believe how far technology has come

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this is important!
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some kids built this outside my dorm.

and here we see students worshiping their almighty god while singing the song from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

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the gays™ are coming

watch the fuck out, world

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I have been deeply in love with the seemingly nonsensical answer for such a long time, this is unbelievable and wonderful and I adore it so much- what a paradigm shift!!

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so my uncle is a priest and apparently can’t deny when i ask him to bless something so i now have a blessed laptop, blessed loaf of bread, and blessed underwear. 

i just asked him to bless this post and he did 

This post is officially the most holy post on Tumblr.  Use it to banish sins from your dashboard.

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I lost my father to Pokemon Go and I regret so many life decisions. I’m the one who told him about the game. I’m the one who initially encouraged him. What have I done?

Now he starts every phone call with a Pokemon update. He gets all the names wrong and asks me what a Dragonite is called every time he brings up the “fat fighting orange dragon”

It’s gotten so bad he’s started watching the anime on Netflix. Help.

Okay adding to this. My dad isn’t great at remembering the names of things. So during our pokemon update phone calls, he says shit like this:

“I have a cool pineapple head now!”

“I was down to my last stripey ball trying to catch the blue dragon snake. I told him if he ran away I was gonna be so mad.”

“And the gym had one of those big fat orange dragons!” (he still can’t remember what a Dragonite is called)

BUT THEN. but then. he’s also like, OUTRAGEOUSLY into it now? He’s level 27 and talks about how “the gym wars are brutal, babe,” and how long it takes to take down a level 10 gym? (LEVEL T E N)

And a couple weeks ago he called me to talk about the merits of the old-style Gyrados (which he pronounces guy-rad-os sorry I can’t stop him) that has the dragon breath move, versus the new ones that don’t because Niantic made a change. And he has like 6 Gyrados because his work is by a Magikarp nest or something? HOW MANY fucking magikarp do you catch for 6 gyrados? He’s about to evolve two more. H E L P.

and he says shit like, “Learning about individualized values really radicalized my thinking.” and he means it. Before he evolves ANY pokemon he googles CP estimates and has a pokemon calculator??

This morning he called me because he finally has enough Dratini candy to evolve a fat fighting dragon and wanted to talk about which Dragonair he should evolve. (One with high CP but bad IVs, one with medium-high CP, but okay IVs, and one with the lowest CP of the 3, but A+ IVs) And at this point he’s so far beyond my skill with the game (he’s been higher-leveled than me for months now) that I don’t even know what to tell him. I literally can’t advise him.

My father is more of a pokemon master than I ever was. The other day he texted me the team rocket theme song.

Team Instinct. I told him I was Team Valor when I first told him about the game and he was like, “Okay I’ll join your team babe!”

And then idk he forgot?? And when his account crashed after a week he did a Pikachu restart (that should have tipped me off about the impending obession tbh) and he picked Instinct again.

I ain’t even mad bruh. He so clearly belongs in Instinct. He’s happy there. It’s his natural habitat. Before work he goes and meets up with some other Instinct people to take the Georgetown Cupcake gym in DC. It’s super cute.

My dad will be your Team Instinct dad if you need one

So my dad has always been in the habit of getting to work early. I don’t know wtf he used to do, but now when he gets in early, he goes to the Georgetown Cupcake gym in DC and apparently teams up with “some friends I’ve never met” to take down the gym for Team Instinct.

Then he goes to work and keeps the game open so he can grab Magikarp every couple minutes. Apparently his work is like ON a friggin nest.

He keeps his Pokemon Go habit a secret at work. Nobody knows. On his lunch break, he says, “hey I’m gonna go for a walk” and goes on a 12-pokestop loop. He makes sure to hit up the local Dratini and Pikachu nests (the presence of which is UNFAIR AF). He also take a few minutes to reinforce ‘his’ gym, by which point has been under attack a few times.

At work, he keeps his phone on data instead of wifi (he has unlimited data. For some godforsaken reason he went through 30GB/mo BEFORE Pokemon Go.) because that means his avatar jumps around a bit more?? He says he opens and closes the app a few times to reset it and get the GPS connection to reset and nab him a few pokemon.

Apparently he gets about 140 pokeballs a day. And goes through them all.

This got a new batch of notes, so here’s a Dad Update.

He has 114 Pikachu candy. I hate him. Apparently he’s watching the anime almost every night. He’s on season 2. I think he’s just gonna go through and watch it A L L which is a prospect so terrifying it needs no explanation.

Out of the 6 Gyrados he’s evolved, he’s kept the top 3. He sent me some screencaps the other day of his current top-contender Magikarp and the pokedex entry, where you can see he’s caught 585 of them.

Five hundred eighty five. Who tf has TIME for that??

Apparently he still hasn’t decided which Magikarp to evolve.

He should make level 28 in a day or so.

this dad will truly protect the world from devastation

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this is EXACTLY why representation matters 

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